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Lending our Voice to the F Project

In the world of women in business, we are often taught to compete with one another in order to build our brand. But what if we were allies? What if we talked up each other instead of just ourselves?
Enter: The F Project - The World’s first collaborative commerce network designed to propel the success of female-run businesses through the promotion of one another. There are a lot of moving parts to running a successful business, but not one company would succeed without the consumer. As two of the 100 female founders that have formed The F Project, our boss babes, Lindsay Lingle and Kathryn Rogers, have pledged to seek out and back other female-founded brands, share the message socially, and ask our consumers to do the same. Did you know that in 2017 only 2.2% of venture capital in the U.S. was invested in female founded companies? And it’s not for a lack of innovative, exciting, and potentially successful companies founded by woman. Because women are underrepresented in the investment industry, it’s even harder for them to get the support they need to grow successful businesses. That's why the F Project wants to engage you, those who are passionate about supporting women, to help change that by actively supporting and sharing female founded companies.  
Holly & Tanager is honored to be a part of the F Project. We’ve already collaborated on one giveaway with a few of the other F brands and look forward to working with more of these amazing, female founded brands in the future. We look forward to continuing to build relationships with these women and see what we can achieve as a team!

We said F yes to the F Project. Will you?

Lindsay Lingle and Kathryn Rogers

Lindsay grew up in the retail world and learned early on the importance of meeting customers’ needs. After earning her BA in Public Relations from Purdue University, she joined a consumer products company and earned an MBA from Xavier University. After that, she began laying the groundwork for what would become her own company. Kathryn majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Xavier University and also played on their Division 1 varsity volleyball team. After graduating, Kathryn joined the same consumer products company within its International Marketing Department. In 2016, they created their own brand – Holly and Tanager.
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