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Hydration, The F Project-style!

Calling someone a “tall glass of water” may not be quite the compliment it was in your grandmother’s (or great-grandmother’s!) day, but it’s easy to get a sense of how the saying came about. What’s more attractive and refreshing than ice cold water in a highball glass on a sweltering summer afternoon, right?

Well, we have a few ideas for some other forms of hydration that can see you through the heat.  

Alpine Start can give you a much-needed re-start when the temperatures climb and your energy dips…maybe 3 pm on a 90-degree day? Alex Hanifan created her shockingly delicious instant coffee so that it can be made with hot or cold water. That means you can have barista-quality iced coffee at the turn of a faucet! Try two cups for $2 now, no shipping!

For clean energy anytime, Neka Pasquale’s Urban Remedy organic cold-pressed juices are a go-to. With formulations like Deep Cleaning (cucumber, celery, lemon, spinach, dandelion greens, parsley, and burdock root), Cold Crusher (carrot, orange, lemon, and turmeric), and Watermelon Ginger with Probiotics (watermelon, ginger, lime, and a mix of probiotics), your pickup can do wonders for your digestion and your overall health. Summer-ready choices include a line of lemonades in flavors like Acai Cayenne, Chlorophyll Refresh, and Turmeric Boost. Get $15 off now, which is a help with the $95 outside-California purchase requirement. 

Caitlin Landesberg founded Sufferfest Beer Company so athletes could celebrate crossing the finish line, sinking the last goal, or ending the hour-long Tabata class with a great beer that’s light on calories but big on flavor. The pandemic may have quashed a lot of group sports activities, but it hasn’t stopped the need to celebrate individual wins with an ice-cold beer. Try FKT, a pale ale brewed with salt and black currant, weighing in at 130 calories. Or the pilsner, Flyby, brewed with yerba mate and lemon peel, at 115 calories. Or go super light with Shred, a 95-calorie Kolsch made with honey and caffeine. Try all five beers in the Sufferfest lineup…just not all at once! 

Hey, we’ve got nothing against H2O, but we like to branch out. Enjoy some F Project founders’ drinks. Cheers to you, you tall glass of water!

Erika Szychowski

Erika Szychowski is the CEO/Founder of Good Zebra and the Founder of The F Project, a social impact project to raise the profile of female founders through collaborative commerce.
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