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Founder Feature: Yansi Fugel

“I knew since high school that I would have my own business and was surprised it took so long.” Yansi Fugel, founder, Tux Couture

There are women who are blindsided by the whole notion of entrepreneurship; it was never on their radar, but something happens, a moment in time maybe, and BAM! They’re on that path.

This was decidedly NOT the case for Yansi Fugel.

“I have been in the fashion space my entire career, with my own namesake brand for 28 years after a career with a retail company for nine years. I knew since high school that I would have my own business and was surprised it took so long. I graduated at 16 and started my business at 32…it felt like a lifetime! The total shock is now being a startup another lifetime later.”

Founding her first clothing company, Yansi Fugel, was a dream come true for the young business owner. It’s “the pure joy of creating” that has been the driving force behind all her aspirations, including the launching of Tux Couture.

“I kept getting requests for the same item, and that triggered the concept,” Yansi said of her bespoke tuxedo separates made expressly for women. A successful trunk show later, Yansi knew she was on to her next big thing.

What makes Tux Couture’s tux-she-dos so impressive?

“We use high quality fabrics and workmanship to make garments that are both timely and timeless, that will give you joy and make you feel confident every time you wear them, and each garment is customized to the individual woman. It’s sustainable luxury that will live in your closet and stand out in your wardrobe for many years,” explained Yansi.

Launching another start-up is a not what every woman envisions for her second act. But for Yansi, it’s part of staying true to her mantra: Live, love, laugh - it's all in the present moment. “I’m taking my own advice; listen to your heart first and your head second…aka, listen to your gut!”

Tux Couture’s participation in The F Project is a pay-it-forward offering for Yansi.

“Very simply, we all rise together. I had the good fortune to have two female mentors in my story and I would hope to be of help and support to other women in their stories.”


Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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  • I feel fortunate to know Yansi, and to wear her beautifully tailored clothing. She understands both the body and the soul.

    We are both proud members of the Women Design Network (WDN) led by the incredible Sara Cassis.

    Lucine Almas
  • Yansi is a phenomenal designer and human being. Her strength, work ethic, compassion AND support of other women is inspiring to all who are fortunate enough to know her. Great write-up!

    Liza Fonti

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