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Founder Feature: Lindsay Regan

Is there ever a time when shopping for a swimsuit is fun? Most women are hard-pressed to think of great times they’ve had trying on bathing suits in preparation for beachgoing. Trotting your newly postpartum body into a group dressing room to try on a two-piece can be especially daunting.

Such was the case for fashion-designer-turned-business-owner Lindsay Regan. Lindsay had been a designer for Athleta, Zobha, and Gymboree. She knew structure, fabric, fit, performance, and style. She also knew that, after her two children were born, the elements that had worked for her body in the past were not working anymore.

A fruitless search for a flattering, supportive, and modern swimsuit prompted Lindsay to dive in headfirst. It was time to launch her own line. le larc was her solution to the need for a different level and placement of support for the evolving bodies of motherhood.

Inherent in starting her own line of swimwear was another opportunity. Lindsay knew well the incredible waste that is an unpleasant reality of the fashion industry. In response, she committed to making her suits in an ecologically responsible way. le larc uses an Italian fabric crafted from recycled yarns made of fishing nets…from the sea, to the sea.

Additionally, le larc pieces are constructed for longevity. One of Lindsay’s favorite quotes is “Nevertheless, she persisted.” So will her suits.

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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