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Founder Feature: Laura Jakobsen

Laura Jakobsen takes on everything in her life with the energy, tenacity and competitive spirit of a former ski racer. A firm believer that with a positive mindset, anything is possible, Laura climbed the corporate ranks with ease. Starting her career at Ogilvy, she grew to become a global leader in brand marketing at Hornell Anderson and later, Pinkberry.

Fearless in the face of challenges, Laura took the leap toward entrepreneurship without looking back. In 2016, she founded TeaRIOT, a beverage company that puts tea and good energy at the center of everything. Utilizing tea’s dynamic combination of natural caffeine and I-theanine as its foundation, TeaRIOT set out on a mission to create a collection of naturally flavored, good-for-you beverages to fuel and energize people. 

TeaRIOT’s Venice Beach, “buck tradition” attitude and delicious cold-pressed juice-infused teas quickly rose to notoriety and gained a cult following of what their team calls “rioters.” This year, TeaRIOT was chosen along with just eight other food brands to be a part of the Chobani Incubator, a program launched to mentor and support entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry.

Tess McCurdy

Tess is a content creator and brand builder currently working in the cryptocurrency space. She is an advocate for women and works closely with female-led companies to expand their voice and influence.
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