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Founder Feature: Divya Gugnani

What do Angel wings and a Harvard MBA have in common? They are both in the pedigrees of founders Lindsay Ellingson and Divya Gugnani of Wander Beauty.

Lindsay walked the Victoria’s Secret runway as one of its famous Angels for seven years. Her near-constant travel took her all over the world. Naturally, knowing her way around a cosmetics case is Modeling 101 for Lindsay.

Divya Gugnani graduated from Cornell with a bachelor’s degree in Policy Analysis, and from Harvard with an MBA. In addition to creating several businesses, Divya has created two beautiful children. Naturally, time management is a survival skill for her.

The two women got together to found Wander Beauty. The brand’s mission is to make your makeup multitask, just like you do. Wander Beauty started with one product, which lived up to Lindsay’s and Divya’s test goal: create one true essential that helps an individual feel more confident and more beautiful in 20 ways. It was an instant bestseller.

Wander Beauty has since added a plethora of products to its line. All are cruelty free and contain no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or synthetic fragrance.

Even though multitasking is a reality for Divya and Lindsay, they maintain that focus is essential in running a business. When asked for business advice, Divya told her alumni magazine, “Listen to experts in your field, your mentors, your clients, your suppliers and your team… There’s a reason we were born with two ears and one mouth. We should listen more and talk less!”

Erika Szychowski

Erika Szychowski is the CEO/Founder of Good Zebra and the Founder of The F Project, a social impact project to raise the profile of female founders through collaborative commerce.
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