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Founder Feature: Becca Brown & Monica Ferguson

“If you build it, they will come,” pretty much sums it up for Solemates founders Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson. If you build a field and women come to it, their high heel tips will sink in the grass, and they’re going to need Solemates, invisible caps that prevent that from happening. Voila! A business is born!

Okay, so maybe that’s not the actual story of the success these two founders enjoy as creators of Solemates. There was nothing magical about their decision to go into business together. Both had MBAs from Columbia, Becca in Finance and Entrepreneurship and Monica in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations. Both had worked at Goldman Sachs and were ready to do what they had dreamed of accomplishing:  create a successful business selling products that would be of real value to women in their everyday lives.

Monica and Becca got funding for their company after a successful pitch on Shark Tank netted them a $500,000 investment. They’ve enjoyed seeing their flagship High Heeler worn by the likes of Carrie Underwood, Lauren Conrad, Demi Lovato, and even Oprah. Additional products include Blister Blocker Anti-Fricton Balm and Buff shoe polish, in the Cobbler’s Couture line.

Solemates has a distribution network that includes Nordstrom, DSW, David’s Bridal, CVS, and Amazon. Becca and Monica are proud to have their High Heeler manufactured domestically.

Founding a business is much more about hard work than magic. But if you have a particular field of dreams, Monica and Becca are going to make sure you stand tall in it.

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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