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Founder Feature: Torrey Benson & Dawn Fable

A fortieth birthday celebration led to some big changes in the lives of bosom buddies Torrey Benson and Dawn Fable. “There we were, best friends for 15 years, sitting in a cafe in Laguna Beach celebrating our 40th birthdays. With so many memories and an incredible ride thus far, we wondered aloud what the next leg of our ride was going to shape into!” Torrey recalled.

The friends shared a vision, explained Dawn. “The common thread we found was the desire for more connection, acknowledgement, mission, time, moments to enjoy. Ironically, CBD was already helping us both live a more balanced life and we decided to throw the banner up and shout out to our tribe that there is a natural way to calm!”

Dawn and Torrey acknowledge that there have been some hiccups launching their CBD business, the Press Pause Project.

“Separately, we have both been in sales roles in distinct industries. We LOVE to connect, solve problems and turn on a dime. Entrepreneurship has been a natural path, but the shock came from our ‘little project’ becoming a much larger movement and demand on our bandwidth. Motherhood, marriage and managing multiple business lines is a daily juggle. Some days we crush it and some days it crushes us,” Dawn shared.

“Overall it is worth it! Being at the table in this incredible era of connection and messaging is exciting and ever so inspirational!” Torrey added.

The women are proud of their product line, which includes tinctures, capsules, tea, and pain relief cream.

“Luckily, we are able to have a very intimate part in the creation of our products. We specifically choose products, ingredients, and dosages tailored to our female demographic...our tribe! We only sell what works for us, our family and our friends,” Dawn said.

The friends share some advice that helped them take the chance on the Press Pause Project: If you aren’t embarrassed about the things you have done in your past, you haven’t grown.

And what about that other project they’re committed to? Why did they join The F Project?

“One call with Erika and we were convinced!” Torry enthused. “Lifting one another up to achieve is such a powerful concept. We have been raised to compete, but really the power is in the collaboration. We have met so many badass women who are defying the odds in business and everyday life. The more we surround ourselves with people (men and women alike) who live to be their best selves, the more we will be inspired and uplifted as well!”

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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