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Founder Feature: Jennifer Rochkind

Jennifer Rochkind, founder of Rocs Chocs, knows chocolate speaks louder than words. So she created delicious chocolate goodies to thank volunteers who gave their time to the nonprofits for which she managed special events and corporate philanthropy…places like the National MS Society, the March of Dimes, and the Toyota North America Foundation.

After 20 years in the nonprofit world, Jennifer decided to turn her avocation into a vocation with the launch of Rocs Chocs. “Roc” was her college nickname, and it was perfect for her products – chunky pieces of Oreo, pretzel, marshmallow, M&Ms, and other delights enrobed in milk and dark chocolate. They’re little boulders of happiness!

Jennifer began her business by crafting these chocolates in her New York apartment, often with the help of family and friends. She designed special products for Christmas and Hanukah that proved to be exceptional sellers. Moving to a commercial kitchen allowed her to expand her offerings.  

Despite making the move from nonprofit to for-profit leadership, Jennifer still finds time to give back. For the past four years, she has served on the Professional Women’s Board of UJA-Federation of New York, the world’s largest local philanthropy. 

And, really, isn’t chocolate its own kind of benevolence?

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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