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Founder Feature: Kim Hehir and Sue Delegan

Sisters Kim Hehir and Sue Delegan care about a lot of things. Pups are one; their families, their communities, and doing good in the world are a few more. 

Both women were eager to follow in their family footsteps with the launch Brutus Broth, the only bone broth for dogs on the market fortified with supplements. 

“Our family is very entrepreneurial, so we feel like we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly! Growing up, we watched our dad build a successful business that faced every adversity possible,” Sue recalled.

Despite their readiness to fulfill the family legacy, launching Brutus Broth was not smooth sailing.

“We felt mentally prepared to launch Brutus Broth, but still had every hiccup happen, both professionally and personally. For example, our first big retail order was scheduled to arrive at the warehouse the day Sue was scheduled for a double mastectomy and there was a shipping snafu that delayed it. We have had several obstacles pop up but we have been nimble enough to problem solve and come up with solutions,” Kim said.

“We have a passion for what we do and know that our product can help so many animals. This is our biggest driving force, being able to make a difference. We have both been involved with business launches in our former careers and have brought that experience to Brutus Broth, whether in brand development. beta testing products, being able to properly scale, knowing how to maneuver through the various regulations, or partnering with like-minded companies,” Sue said about navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.

She continued, “The best part of my day is hearing from dog owners telling us that, because of Brutus Broth, their dog is living a healthier and more vibrant life. It’s exciting to be part of a creative process as well. We had an idea that is now on the shelf and it’s fun to work hard, learn a lot, and  keep moving that forward. 

“Also, as moms, it’s important that our kids see what goes into bringing an idea to life and that sometimes it is not easy but you have to work hard and figure out new ways to make something work when the first (second, third, tenth) time it did not work.”

“If running a business were easy, everyone would do it,” Kim laughed. “The best advice we have received is to not do something only for the money and if you work hard and do what you love, the money will come.”

Why join The F Project? Sue answered for both sisters.

“We have been through a lot in 18 months: overcoming some serious health issues, juggling the responsibilities of raising kids while both our husbands travel so much for work, and launching an exciting new brand in a growing and very competitive category. We have been part of professional women groups in the past and there is a lot of value in sharing ideas and challenges with other women who are faced with similar pressures. We are excited to share, learn, grow and give back with some like-minded ladies.” 

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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