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A little bling, a big thing

Maybe you’re feeling like it would be nice to see something a bit more colorful than your FitBit on your wrist right now. Or maybe a twinkly little something on your finger would be a welcome sight. It’s not like you’re looking to spend a bunch of money, and you’re not even sure you should treat yourself…after all, the economy is iffy and you don’t have to dress up when you’re working from home. Well, here’s some permission to go ahead and gift yourself…or someone who could use a boost right now…and know you’re adding to the force for good in the world at the same time!

Brett Krugman founded Brett Lauren because she a) loved jewelry production, and b) knew she could combine that passion with another one: the desire to make a difference, to give back, and to help other women live better lives.

Brett grew up in a family steeped in the fashion industry. She loved seeing an idea develop into a beautiful reality. The transformation was bewitching.

As the (hopefully temporary) employer of women from local residential homeless shelters, Brett enables another kind of transformation…women growing out of dark and difficult times into more hope, more laughter, more confidence, and more job opportunities.

“My hope for each of these women is that they eventually move on to a more skilled position somewhere else. So, I teach them everything I know about manufacturing practices, costs and shows, and I sit with them and talk about their everyday life being homeless, their hopes, the everyday obstacles they face and how we can help them go forward. Our company motto is ‘WE LOVE EMPLOYEE TURNOVER!’”

Check out the gorgeous stones at Brett Lauren here.   

Another F Project member, Adriana Botti, practiced a kind of alchemy, turning the pain of being bullied during her early years into beaded bracelets bearing messages of hope and empowerment. 

Besides being beautiful, Little Words Project bracelets come with membership in the Nice Girl Gang, a community of women dedicated to building each other up. Each bracelet features a tag inscribed with a registration code that confirms your membership. You wear the bracelet, and then pass it on to someone else…who joins the supportive sisterhood of the Nice Girl Gang too. 

The Nice Girl Gang has a credo The F Project totally gets behind:

  1. Supporting women is always the way to go.
  2. Collaboration always wins over competition.
  3. Kindness builds confidence and fosters self-love.

You’re a Nice Girl. Check out the Little Words Project here

Shilpa Yarlagadda founded Shiffon when she was still in college, which makes her commitment to other young female entrepreneurs all the more astonishing. In addition to launching Shiffon, Shilpa established the Startup Girl Foundation, an investment group that offers seed grants and mentorship to companies across the globe that empower women.

Shiffon’s signature piece is a duet pinky ring made by master craftsmen with high-quality recycled gold and ethically-sourced stones. Each ring features two stones, symbolizing one woman supporting another. Fifty percent of profits from the sale of each ring goes to the Startup Girl Foundation.

Some pretty awesome women have rocked Shiffon’s pinky ring…Serena Williams, Nicole Kidman, and Michelle Obama, among others. It would be kind of fun to have something in common with them, don’t you think? See the beautiful lineup here.

So really, it may just be the exact right time to treat yourself. It’s a good thing you’ll be doing.

Photo cred: @littlewordsproject

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Katelyn is a writer and editor specializing in creative nonfiction. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and loves hearing and sharing the stories of women who are making a difference.
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