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YOGO founder Jessica Thompson on the parallels between entrepreneurship and a yoga practice

Erika Szychowski

This week we were fortunate enough to spend some time online with Jessica Thompson, founder of YOGO. We talked about ...

Take The F Project with you on your road trip!

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

 The CDC makes it pretty clear: Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. But there...

Dear The F Project Blog Reader

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

As we roll into month six of the new normal, we’re thinking about what we’ve been doing and how we’re connecting. Pan...

Hydration, The F Project-style!

Erika Szychowski

Calling someone a “tall glass of water” may not be quite the compliment it was in your grandmother’s (or great-grandm...

A little bling, a big thing

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Maybe you’re feeling like it would be nice to see something a bit more colorful than your FitBit on your wrist right ...

The Dog Days of Summer

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

We’ve just entered the Dog Days of Summer, friends, and we’re taking a decidedly different approach to commemorating ...

Embracing summer

Erika Szychowski

While your plans might not include as much travel as in years past, it IS still summer. And our founders have some fa...

Dressing up at home (sort of!)

Erika Szychowski

Sophia Maroon thanks her mother and her brother for the impetus to found Dress It Up Dressings.  “My mother made a si...

Entrepreneurs have to be agile (like Adi!)

Erika Szychowski

Business has been a passion for Adi Arezzini, cofounder and CEO of Teami, from the tender age of nine…because it was ...

What can we do with all this pain?

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Our sorrow, grief, and anguish over the senseless death of George Floyd, and so many other Black men and women across...

Home is where the heart is…along with the rest of you!

Erika Szychowski

Being at home, whether you love it or hate it (or it depends on the day), is part of our collective reality in a prof...

Some real-life heroes in our midst

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Female founders are really kind of awesome. We want to take a moment and shower accolades on some of The F Project me...
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