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Founder Feature: Sharon Podobnik Peterson

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Justin Bieber may have co-opted the SEO on Sharon Podobnik Peterson’s business, Go Love Yourself. But she’s cool with...

Founder Feature: Brett Krugman

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“We love employee turnover” is not a typical company motto, but Brett Lauren Jewelry is not a typical company. Brett ...

Founder Feature: Alexis Mera Damen

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Alexis Mera Damen is not afraid to rethink things…including her business. She gave it up for a while before deciding ...

Founder Feature: Courtney Mamuscia

Erika Szychowski

When life is doling out lemons to your bestie 800 miles away, what can you do? Talk and text to the wee hours, yes. H...

Founder Feature: Tearra Vaughn

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Makeup as an accessory to every woman’s natural beauty. That conceptualization of cosmetics is one of the things that...

Founder Feature: Caitlin Landesberg

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

It may not be the most obvious of alliances, but Caitlin Landesberg designed Sufferfest Beer as the celebratory post-...

Founder Feature: Jenny Bonchak

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Coffee is the wind beneath the wings of oh-so-many female founders…and mothers, college students, grandmothers…Life p...

Founder Feature: Chloe Epstein

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Chloe Epstein has been in a whirlwind of change during the last five years. From serving as Assistant District Attorn...

Founder Feature: Jessica Thompson

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Lugging a roll of polyvinyl chloride around doesn’t necessarily sound like the prelude to a great yoga session, does ...

Founder Feature: Ashley Dion

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Let’s make smelly good things! That’s what Ashley Dion and her mom, Pam, decided to do together. Ashley was in middle...

Founder Feature: Hannah Fastov

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Getting stuck in a Manhattan subway turnstile was a blessing in disguise for Hannah Fastov of Go Dash Dot. She shares...

Feature Founder: Nancy Giftos

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

From toddlers to elders, Nancy Giftos’s Sticky Be Socks help us stick with our finer intentions. Non-skid socks with ...
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