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Home is where the heart is…along with the rest of you!

Erika Szychowski

Being at home, whether you love it or hate it (or it depends on the day), is part of our collective reality in a prof...

Some real-life heroes in our midst

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Female founders are really kind of awesome. We want to take a moment and shower accolades on some of The F Project me...

Juggling book reports and revenue spreadsheets

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Stefanie Taylor, founder of the online jewelry company, Zaxie, has been busy. She spent the first couple of weeks of ...

Doing well and doing good

Erika Szychowski

How about a little good news? This week, we talk to Lindsey Delaplaine, cofounder of Plaine Products, a company that’...

Spreading love and organic fruit

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“It’s been a weird year,” says Jan Hogrewe, founder of Just Jan’s, a fruit spread company based in California. Probab...

It’s Earth Day 2020!

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

The interconnectedness of our world has really hit home for many of us this year. Let’s celebrate those founders whos...

Finding zen in crazy times

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

We initially talked to Marissa Mills, founder of Style Firm LA, maker of “The Little Black Dress of Activewear,” on M...

Let’s talk money, honey.

Erika Szychowski

Small businesses are hurting right now (said Captain Obvious). Here are a few resources and some real-life suggestion...

What's really happening in one founder's life during the pandemic

Erika Szychowski

Molly Crossin, CEO of Industry Standard, an everyday essentials apparel company, had planned to chat about her experi...

The F Project is united

Erika Szychowski

The F Project is united. We are a global, diverse community of many backgrounds, and we unite to support one another,...

Founder Story: Hannah Fastov, Go Dash Dot

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

The first post in our series on founders’ stories is about how Hannah Fastov, founder of Go Dash Dot, created the bag...

Life can take us on some interesting journeys.

Erika Szychowski

Alexis Ring, founder of Lexi Miller, a women’s cycling apparel company, was determined to go to law school by the tim...
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