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Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

You’re following The F Project on Instagram. You’ve bought a couple of products from the companies founded by members...

Women’s March 2020 is January 18!

Erika Szychowski

On January 18, walkers in the fourth annual Women’s March will traverse America’s cities to lift their voices in a ca...

Founder Feature: Mary Smallwood

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

NBA-approved is not your usual handbag tagline. But Mary Smallwood’s Miami Heat Nexus Handbag is just that – NBA-appr...

Founder Feature: Jessica Jeneske

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Jessica Jeneske, founder of Lollie Wraps, has been in the business of serving for a long time. As a postpartum doula ...

Founder Feature: Molly Crossin

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

A loyal customer of Industry Standard, Molly Crossin opened an email from the company one afternoon and received a li...

Founder Feature: Janie Hoffman

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Little seeds with lots of magic. That’s how Janie Hoffman, founder of Mamma Chia, feels about the not-so-secret ingre...

Founder Feature: Cindy Goldberg

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Business sounds so serious. Enough fun and games; it’s time to get down to business. Sometimes, though, a business ca...

Founder Feature: Paula Muller

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Paula Muller, founder of SociAvi, had an amazing career even before launching her intergenerational tech connection c...

Founder Feature: Jessica Mashkevich

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

The holiday season is upon us, ushering in merry-making, frantic energy, and lots of last-minute appeals from chariti...

Founder Feature: Marilee Nelson, Allison Evans, and Kelly Love

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

For the chemically sensitive, cleaning can be more than a chore – it can trigger symptoms ranging from inconvenient t...

Founder Feature: Jamie Snydel

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

Jamie Snydel’s lightbulb moment occurred as she was vacuuming the one millionth chia seed from her kitchen floor. She...

Founder Feature: Melina Flabiano

Katelyn Murphy-McCarthy

“My work clothes are my armor in the corporate world. When I don't feel confident in how I'm dressed, it's so much ha...
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